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  • Fourth Crossing Menai Straits

    Created by Richard Keatinge // 1 thread

    Congestion (especially at travel-to-work times) on the two bridges across the Menai Straits has led to suggestions for a third crossing, now being evaluated by the Welsh Office. Preliminary estimates of the cost are from £100 million to £200 million. Meanwhile, many people live on Anglesey and commute over the bridges to Bangor and Felinheli by car, contributing greatly to the congestion. The routes are easy and convenient by car but hostile by bicycle. Bicycle commuting would be easy throughout this area if the journey could be made on good-quality facilities - most journeys are in the 3 to 5 kilometre range. The aim is to attract enough commuters onto bicycles to relieve congestion at rush-hour times. The benefits will be far wider than those of the third crossing, at far less expense.

    The proposal is to make cycling between all of these destinations, and especially on the routes over the Menai Straits, a pleasant and inviting means of transport. This will require good-quality protected facilities all along the main routes, traffic calming (and some possible redirections) with 20mph limits in built-up areas. Most of the space would come from the existing highway, though a limited amount of extra land would need to be used at a few specific points.

    The Britannia Bridge offers space on its car deck for cycle lanes (though not quite enough for the proposed third car lane), and an unused rail line on the lower deck which would be very suitable for cycling.

    Thomas Telford's Menai Bridge has already been extended to the sides by the addition of pedestrian facilities; its appearance could be enhanced by a tasteful cycle facility, extending somewhat further to the sides.

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